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Through fluid collaboration, the multidisciplinary New Orleans based Corrijeune Collective,  aims to channel the ambiguous  realm of their namesake into dynamic performances, films, and installations. Weaving original music, costumes, and sets into an amorphous world of lush unpredictability, that push the boundaries of reason and narrative in a unique transdimensional aesthetic.


Their subject matter, Corrijeune is a living breathing realm somewhere below the surface of our day to day reality. A place of irrational exaggeration and sublime customs, that touch the intangible of our intellect. It is inhabited by creatures and personified landscapes that sometimes mirror our spectrums of self in a plain of emotional multiplicity. 


 Most recent Highlights of their work are The Corrijeune Grotto, a Multi staged immersive theatrical production at the P5 warehouse (Nola) The Corrijeune Marrow premiering at The New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival, and their short film Corrijeune - Visiting Limbs that was screened at The Vanishing Performance Art Festival (Nola)---

Photo by Kat Carrotflower
visiting limbs 2.mp4.00_05_25_17.Still00

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