Creators of Corrijeune 

Creative collective performing and speaking the tongues of Corrijeune

Kizza lilitu, corrijeune collective, new orleans Louisiana

Kizza Lilitu

"Yvng Hag"

 Costume designer/creator,

Writing, Production, and Performance.

For New Orleans based artist Kizza Lilitu slow crafts of the hands are not only one of the most intuitive ways to commemorate and process the seasons of the soul, they’re also a strong symbol of divine feminine creation and personal, powerful capability.  Self-taught from a young age, her methods have become second-nature.  She has perfected the old-fashioned craft techniques of crochet, quilting, macrame and sewing and reapplies them in a contemporary art context.  Her wall-hangings and installations of fabric and yarn create immersive, soft, womb-like environments for viewers to explore and find comfort within.  Through an intuitive meditative process of construction with her hands, Kizza honors a lore which speaks directly to the shifting seasons of the soul and engages the feminine spirit.

Kizza designs and creates the costumes for Corrijeune Collective as well as her own line of wearables called Yvng Hag.  She is also a part of Tinfoil Swmz. A Corrijeune related musical/ performance duo.

satori nightshade, corrijeune, new orleans louisiana

Satori Nightshade

Writing, Direction, Production, and Performance.

 Through visceral storytelling, Satori Nightshade creates subtle worlds of post human - psychic metaphor, that explore the ecology of spirit and struggle within shifting paradigms. They bring these mythologies to life in the forms of performance, film, and sculpture.  A cofounder of Corrijeune, generally involved in the direction, writing, production, and performance in the collective. Satori is Currently based in New Orleans and travels frequently.


Cypress Atlas

Writing, Direction, Production, and Performance.


Cypress Atlas is a multimedia performance artist, writer, and musician. They have performed their solo work in cities throughout the United States in venues such as museums, performing arts centers, punk houses, warehouse parties, DIY spaces, galleries, and on the streets. They are one half of the corrijeune-adjacent music project Hairface and they are a singer in Serpentine Choir in New Orleans. They have been a company member of The Living Theatre in NYC as well as Bad Unkl Sista in San Francisco. They are also the creator, producer, and curator of the annual Vanishing Performance Festival in New Orleans.


Josh Cvlt

Writing, Production, Music composition, Sound engineering 

Josh Cvlt has been experimenting with sound since he was a young child. He was classically trained on the piano and drum set, and received his associate of the arts degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production from the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis.
.He is a certified teacher in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools DAWs. He has a long and strong love of sound design and synthesis and writes all the music/ does all things sound for  Corrijeune Collective. He is also a member of the groups Hairface, Tinfoil Swmz, Cumquest!, and releases music and DJ’s under Josh Cvlt. He is currently composing music for a video game.